Guns of the Frontier vol. 4

The first rule of survival in The Frontier is to never leave home without your trusty pistol, rifle or rocket launcher. And bring a grenade or two just in case.

This free sourcebook for The Frontier RPG introduces 5 new weapons.

Doubling Dolly (legendary bazooka): Although cloning one’s self requires an expensive laboratory, you can effortlessly clone the next best thing: rockets!

Hornet’s Nest (uncommon grenade): Don’t go stirring it up…

Liquidator (rare laser rifle): Not to be confused with a bank-appointed person, this rifle fires at wavelengths that can liquefy its targets. No appeals possible.

LOUD Mosquito (legendary six-shooter): This tiny, palm-sized pistol might look like a toy but last time you shot it the recoil dislocated your shoulder. Totally worth it though!

Screamer (uncommon six-shooter): Definitely doesn’t go out with a whimper.

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