Threats of the Frontier vol. 1

It’s hard to think of a tree as an apex predator, but that just shows how different Prometheus is from Earth. The Thresher Tree looks virtually indistinguishable from the other majestic trees populating Prometheus’ forests. That is until its tentacle-like roots spring out of the ground to bite, maul and roast any prey foolish enough to come close.

This free sourcebook for The Frontier introduces a new high-level enemy that can provide a tough challenge for any players that dare to venture into the forests of Prometheus.

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Guns of the Frontier vol. 2 is now available

The first rule of survival in The Frontier is to never leave home without your trusty pistol, rifle or rocket launcher. And bring a grenade or two just in case.

This free sourcebook for The Frontier RPG introduces 9 new weapons. Feel the explosive power of microcharge guns, such as the Blastar or Dodgenaught. Buff your allies with boost grenades like the Purple Rainor Redshift.

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