Against the Machines

The first in a series of new roleplaying games is now available at DriveThru RPG!

Against the Machines is the first Pocket Wonder, a complete roleplaying game condensed in just a few pages, using an easy-to-learn 3d6 system. This military sci-fi action game places the players in a near future where the world has been almost destroyed by sentient machines. Can they turn the tables and defeat the robotic menace?

The Survivor

A full new class for The Frontier is now available at DriveThru RPG! 

Soldiers, scientists, engineers… The colonisation of Prometheus was a colossal effort that required people with many different specialisations. The Survivor wasn’t one of them. Whether he was a labourer, a clerk or one of the other unsung heroes that keep the cogs turning matters little. When the Collapse happened, he only had his dogged determination to keep him alive. As it turns out, that’s the most important skill of all. He’ll tell you so for free at every opportunity he gets.