One Dwarf Army is a one-man publishing outfit of quality tabletop roleplaying games. My goal is to make games that are simple to learn, fun to play and won’t break the bank.

I prefer using my own custom game systems but I will occasionally write supplements for other popular systems.

Where can I find your games?

All of my games are available as digital downloads from Drive Thru RPG.

There Once Were Dragons out now!

The full edition of There Once Were Dragons is now available at DriveThru RPG. If you liked the Starter Edition, the full game adds a whole lot more material:

  • Characters up to 10th level.
  • Exotic and legendary magical items.
  • Monsters of up to 80th level, including fearsome foes like True Dragons, Black Dukes and Fomorians.

All this for the price of two cups of coffee! What are you waiting for?

There Once Were Dragons Starter Edition

The Starter Edition of There Once Were Dragons in now available!

Epic hack, slash and loot action using an easy d20 system with Old School influences.

Easily customisable core classes providing simple choices at key levels.

Huge collection of magical treasures, each with its own table of random variants. Chances are you will never find the same item twice!

Great variety of bad guys to hack, slash, burn, electrocute and disintegrate. You can also try to make them see reason. Remember: Not every problem can be solved with a sword. That’s why you also have fireballs.

Get it for free from DriveThru RPG

Dreams of Cthulhu

The second game in the Pocket Wonder series is now available at DriveThru RPG!

Dreams of Cthulhu  is a game of Lovecraftian horror set in the roaring 20s. Players take the role of Sentinels, members of a secretive order sworn to investigate cases involving Great Old Ones and prevent their rise on Earth. Featuring the same easy to learn 3d6 system, it provides everything you need to play, including details on magic rituals and alien horrors, in under 20 pages.

Against the Machines

The first in a series of new roleplaying games is now available at DriveThru RPG!

Against the Machines is the first Pocket Wonder, a complete roleplaying game condensed in just a few pages, using an easy-to-learn 3d6 system. This military sci-fi action game places the players in a near future where the world has been almost destroyed by sentient machines. Can they turn the tables and defeat the robotic menace?

The Survivor

A full new class for The Frontier is now available at DriveThru RPG! 

Soldiers, scientists, engineers… The colonisation of Prometheus was a colossal effort that required people with many different specialisations. The Survivor wasn’t one of them. Whether he was a labourer, a clerk or one of the other unsung heroes that keep the cogs turning matters little. When the Collapse happened, he only had his dogged determination to keep him alive. As it turns out, that’s the most important skill of all. He’ll tell you so for free at every opportunity he gets.

Guns of the Frontier vol. 6

This free sourcebook for The Frontier introduces 5 new weapons..

Bad Manners (uncommon pump shotgun): Knocking will get you through many doors. For all the rest there is this shotgun.

Blizzard (rare pump shotgun): Don’t feel too bad about freezing your enemies with this gun… the accompanying electrical charge will keep them warm.

Burning Fever (rare MLG): Spits out a devilish substance that burns with intense heat while simultaneously corroding armor. A winning combination.

Slingshot (exotic autoloader): Rapid supercharged fire makes taking Goliath down so much easier.

Zen Blade (uncommon marksman rifle): A miss is just the prelude to a bullseye.

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Guns of the Frontier vol. 5

This free sourcebook for The Frontier introduces 5 new grenades.

Ackbar (exotic grenade): It’s so obviously a trap.

Comet (uncommon grenade): Who said that grenades have to explode? This device deploys a miniature rocket to break the sound barrier (and the bones of anyone it hits).

Miner (uncommon grenade): This is not the honest, hard-working sort of miner you might have in mind.

Thunder Scion (exotic grenade): Turns your enemies into living, walking batteries. And not the kind that simply charges your phone.

Wonder One (rare grenade):Quite literally a one-hit wonder.

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Guns of the Frontier vol. 4

The first rule of survival in The Frontier is to never leave home without your trusty pistol, rifle or rocket launcher. And bring a grenade or two just in case.

This free sourcebook for The Frontier RPG introduces 5 new weapons.

Doubling Dolly (legendary bazooka): Although cloning one’s self requires an expensive laboratory, you can effortlessly clone the next best thing: rockets!

Hornet’s Nest (uncommon grenade): Don’t go stirring it up…

Liquidator (rare laser rifle): Not to be confused with a bank-appointed person, this rifle fires at wavelengths that can liquefy its targets. No appeals possible.

LOUD Mosquito (legendary six-shooter): This tiny, palm-sized pistol might look like a toy but last time you shot it the recoil dislocated your shoulder. Totally worth it though!

Screamer (uncommon six-shooter): Definitely doesn’t go out with a whimper.

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