Guns of the Frontier vol. 6

This free sourcebook for The Frontier introduces 5 new weapons..

Bad Manners (uncommon pump shotgun): Knocking will get you through many doors. For all the rest there is this shotgun.

Blizzard (rare pump shotgun): Don’t feel too bad about freezing your enemies with this gun… the accompanying electrical charge will keep them warm.

Burning Fever (rare MLG): Spits out a devilish substance that burns with intense heat while simultaneously corroding armor. A winning combination.

Slingshot (exotic autoloader): Rapid supercharged fire makes taking Goliath down so much easier.

Zen Blade (uncommon marksman rifle): A miss is just the prelude to a bullseye.

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Guns of the Frontier vol. 5

This free sourcebook for The Frontier introduces 5 new grenades.

Ackbar (exotic grenade): It’s so obviously a trap.

Comet (uncommon grenade): Who said that grenades have to explode? This device deploys a miniature rocket to break the sound barrier (and the bones of anyone it hits).

Miner (uncommon grenade): This is not the honest, hard-working sort of miner you might have in mind.

Thunder Scion (exotic grenade): Turns your enemies into living, walking batteries. And not the kind that simply charges your phone.

Wonder One (rare grenade):Quite literally a one-hit wonder.

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