Introducing the new digital reference edition of The Frontier

When The Frontier was originally released, it contained a OneNote package file containing all the information presented in the core book as a digital aid to GMs who like to use a laptop or tablet on their table. It came to my attention however, that the only way to use that file was if one had the OneNote version included with Office 2013/2016 for PCs. GMs who used a Mac or the free version of OneNote were out of luck.

This ends today! I have worked hard to produce a version that can be used on any electronic device with sufficient screen real estate. The result is an extensively hyperlinked PDF file with navigation bars that make finding things a breeze. With a few clicks or touches you will be able to find any rule, class, enemy or weapon that you want to look up during the game. It is so good that you won’t even have to carry the core book with you. And it works fantastic with tablets in landscape mode! The touch interface makes navigation even faster.

Even better, the new reference file not only contains all the information in the core book, but also everything that has been released so far in the various sourcebooks so that you have everything in one place. I will continue to update it as new material for the game is released.

The DriveThruRPG file for The Frontier has already been updated with the new reference PDF. Download it and give it a spin! As this is a new product, I do expect some minor hiccups; if you spot any problems or errors, please drop me a word at


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