One Dwarf Army is a one-man publishing outfit of quality tabletop roleplaying games. My goal is to make games that are simple to learn, fun to play and won’t break the bank.

I prefer using my own custom game systems but I will occasionally write supplements for other popular systems.

Where can I find your games?

All of my games are available as digital downloads from Drive Thru RPG.

What’s your pricing model?

For game lines that use my own custom systems, it’s pretty simple. You buy the core game, which contains all the rules you need to play, and all future expansions will be released for free. I can’t promise to support a game line forever, but I will endeavour to release several supplements for each one.

Threats of the Frontier vol. 2

Few predators on Prometheus can match the ferociousness and versatility of the draks. Capable of adapting to almost any environment, these fearsome reptilian carnivores come in many different breeds, with new variants being constantly encountered… sometimes too close for comfort. This free sourcebook for The Frontier introduces six new enemies to …

Threats of the Frontier vol. 1

It’s hard to think of a tree as an apex predator, but that just shows how different Prometheus is from Earth. The Thresher Tree looks virtually indistinguishable from the other majestic trees populating Prometheus’ forests. That is until its tentacle-like roots spring out of the ground to bite, maul and …