Burn, slash, cut, incinerate, shoot, maul, vaporise, maim, slaughter, electrocute, rend, blast and disintegrate your way through The Frontier!

Inspired by action roleplaying games, such as Borderlands and Destiny, The Frontier is a sci-fi game of hi-octane action that focuses on the simpler pleasures of life. Explore the alien ruins of a faraway world, fight a ton of nasties and baddies, and collect a boatload of loot as your reward!

  • Create intricate characters with complex personalities, then go shoot bad guys in the face and take their stuff!
  • An exciting post-apocalyptic setting, complete with an introductory scenario to get you straight into the action. The game’s setting is completely optional and easily replaced by your own creation.
  • A simple game system with old school sensibilities to keep things moving at a smooth pace. If you’ve ever played a d20-based game, you already know how to play!
  • Guns, guns, guns! A multitude of unique weapons and armor, each with several different randomly-determined variants.
  • Extensive Gamemaster advice on how to create and run campaigns. I took all that crap out to make room for more guns!
  • Digital GM-friendly: Apart from the PDF, you also get a very handy OneNote file containing all the rules and game material. Excellent for using at the table as a quick reference.

Try before you buy! Not convinced whether this is your cup of tea? Take a look at the free Starter Edition, which allows you to take your character up to the 3rd level, before you take the plunge.


The Frontier doesn’t stop at the core book. Expand your game with new classes, more fearsome enemies and better loot with this array of sourcebooks!