Thunder Scion

Exotic grenade ($8,625)

Turns your enemies into living, walking batteries. And not the kind that simply charges your phone.

The Thunder Scion can be thrown at a range of 60/120 feet. Unlike most grenades, it doesn’t explode and requires a successful attack roll against a single target. A failed attack doesn’t do any damage but the weapon can be reused if it’s retrieved.

The Scion does 2d10 electric damage with a successful attack roll, which renders it unusable, and it additionally electrifies the target for the next 3 rounds. At the beginning of each new round, an electrified target suffers 2d10 electric damage and discharges a lightning bolt that can target an enemy of your choice within 30 feet. The bolt attacks with +6 to hit and does 2d10 electric damage if it hits.

1. Super: +1 damage die.
2. Boomerang: Returns to your hand after a failed attack.
3. Homing: +3 attack.
4. Energised: Lasts 4 rounds.
5. Nasty: When a damage die scores 9 or 10, the target must roll Toughness versus 20 to avoid being stunned for 1d4 rounds.
6. Twin: When a bolt hits with a natural 18+, it spawns another bolt that can hit a different enemy within 30 feet.