The Red Widow

Stories told by the miners of the Fire Mountains speak of an immense insect queen living in tunnels deep inside the heart of the mountains, with the power to command the volcano itself. While greatly exaggerated, these claims do have a basis on this mutated xorak queen.

The Widow is blood red in colour and her size exceeds that of any xorak encountered so far, standing 12 feet high and measuring more than 25 feet long. Instead of the usual stinger, she carries a tube-like tail that can launch balls of molten magma.

As if her battle prowess was not terrifying enough, the Widow possesses extraordinary intelligence for an insect and commands several xorak colonies spread across the Fire Mountains, leading them with ruthless efficiency towards unknown ends. Only the most determined, skilled and well-equipped heroes can hope to remove her from power.

Level 12 xorak queen (gigantic)

4,200 XP

Attributes: Muscles 12, Reflexes 8, Brains 6, Guts 12

Defences: Evasion 8 (Armor 10), Resolve 14, Toughness 14

Health: 144

Speed: 40 feet

Initiative: 12


Pincer: +12 to hit (close combat). 2D8+6 physical damage.

Bite: +12 to hit (close combat). 2D10+6 physical damage plus poison (see below).

Magma tail: +10 to hit (range 100/400). Explodes in a 10 feet radius for 2d6x3 fire damage. On a natural 1-5 the tail cannot be used for the next 1d3 rounds.

Psychic rend: +16 to hit versus Resolve (range 300). 3D10 psionic damage. On a hit with a natural 18+ the target must roll Resolve versus 20 to avoid being stunned for 1d6 rounds.

The Red Widow is immune to fire damage but suffers an additional 1d4 damage from cold attacks. She regenerates 1d8 lost Health at the beginning of each round. This regeneration stops when she’s dead (reduced at 0 or below Health).

The Widow is capable of making two pincer attacks followed by a bite attack by using one action. If both pincer attacks hit the same target, the bite attack can strike him automatically and does an additional 2d8 damage. The bite attack also injects a toxin that produces a severe exothermic reaction, burning the target from the inside out. If the target fails a Toughness roll versus 20 to resist the poison’s effect, he begins suffering 1d6 fire damage at the beginning of each new round. This damage stops when a 1 is rolled on the d6 or if the Widow dies. Multiple doses of the poison are not cumulative.

Alternatively, the Widow can substitute one or both pincer attacks with psychic rends and replace her bite attack with a blast from her magma tail.

Once every 3 rounds, the Widow can use an action to disgorge a cocoon from her mouth, spitting it out at a point up to 30 feet away. The cocoon breaks to reveal a fully grown Redguard (see below), which is able to act from the next round.

The Widow also has several special attacks, which she employs erratically. At the beginning of each round in which she is active, roll 1d10 to see what happens. None of these effects require an action on her part.

1d10 Effect
1-4 Quake
5-7 Earthsplitter
8-9 Psychic scream
10 Premature birth


Quake: The ground shakes violently in a 300 feet radius around the Widow. Everyone in the area suffers a -2 penalty to ranged and close combat attack rolls and movement speed is halved. The Widow and other xorak are not affected by the vibrations.

Earthsplitter: The ground cracks at a point within 100 feet of the Queen and scalding steam vents out. This does 1d8 fire damage to everyone within 10 feet. The vent continues to do damage at the beginning of each round for the next 3 rounds.

Psychic scream: All non-xorak within 100 feet of the queen suffer 2d10x2 psionic damage.

Premature birth: The Widow breeds a Redguard. This does not count as a use of her once-every-3-rounds Redguard spawning ability and the Redguard is able to act this round.


These extremely short-live xoraki are used as disposable shock troops by the Widow. While others of the species might take weeks or months to hatch, a Redguard can grow to full size in a matter of minutes thanks to an incredibly accelerated cellular growth. This heightened cellular activity does not stop after it hatches, which means that most Redguards do not last for more than a couple of minutes before their cells burn out.

Level 4 xorak drone

600 XP

Attributes: Muscles 5, Reflexes 5, Brains 0, Guts 4

Defences: Evasion 5 (Armor 4), Resolve 4, Toughness 5

Health: 23

Speed: 40 feet

Initiative: 8


Pincers: +5 to hit (close combat). 1D4+2 physical damage.

The Redguard is immune to fire damage but suffers an additional 1d4 damage from cold attacks. Its hyperactive cells degenerate rapidly and it loses 3 Health at the end of each round.

When the Redguard hits with its pincers, it can use a move to attack the same target with its stinger. This is a close combat attack with +5 to hit; if it hits the target is injected with a weaker version of the Widow’s poison (DF 16 to resist, 1d4 fire damage per round).

Once per battle, the Redguard can use an action to breath fire in a cone that is 15 feet long and 10 feet wide at its end. Roll Reflexes for the attack; anyone in that area whose Evasion is overcome by the Redguard suffers 2d8x2 fire damage.

When the Redguard is killed, it explodes in a cloud of fire that inflicts 1d8 fire damage on everyone within 10 feet.