The Raven Scout

As a former member of the elite Raven Corps, the Scout is an expert in reconnaissance who has been fitted with implants allowing him to control recon drones via a neural interface. He can always be found with a faithful drone by his side, surveying uncharted areas or protecting his six. Even though the Scout is a competent explorer on his own, he becomes a survival superhero with his mechanical sidekick close by.


Raven Scouts start with 8+Muscles Health and gain an additional 4+½ Muscles at each new level.


Raven Scouts are trained in light and medium armor.


Raven Scouts are trained in combat rifles, grenades, light melee weapons, pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles. All other weapons are used with a -2 attack penalty.

Starting gear

Raven Scouts start with the following items:

  • Assault rifle OR battle rifle
  • Autoloader
  • Dagger
  • Recon armor
  • Raven drone
  • Medkit
  • Exploration kit
  • 2 rations
  • 4 ammo clips
  • $100

Raven Scout abilities

Level 1 One with the machine
Level 2 Jury rig
Level 3 Survival training
Level 4 A boy and his drone
Level 5 Reconnaissance
Level 6 Speed of thought
Level 7 Mobility
Level 8 Scout’s best friend
Level 9 Opportunity fire
Level 10 It’s twins!


One with the machine

Your drone control implants allow you to direct a drone effortlessly. You don’t need a control unit to command a drone and you can do so as a move instead of an action. You can only command one drone per round using your implants.

While you are controlling a drone, its sensor output is fed directly into your optical and acoustic nerve, replacing your normal vision and hearing.

At the 4th level, a drone controlled by your implants gains a +1 bonus to Evasion. At the 8th level, you have a +1 bonus to attack rolls with a drone’s weapons.

Jury rig

It’s hard to find a good mechanic in the middle of nowhere, so you have learned how to do some basic drone repairs yourself. Once per day, you can spend 30 minutes working on a damaged drone to repair 1d6+Brains lost Health.

Survival training

You’ve spent so much time in the wild that you know it like the back of your hand. You have a +2 bonus to Survival rolls as well as to any Perception or Stealth rolls attempted in the wilderness.

A boy and his drone

Your trusted drone can feed you with information on a target to make your attacks more effective. The drone can lock on a target it can see by using an action and rolling Reflexes versus the target’s Evasion. Your own attacks gain a +1 bonus to the attack roll and +1 damage die against a locked target, as long as you are using a ranged non-explosive weapon. The lock remains until the drone loses sight of the target. Only one target can be locked at a time.

At the 7th level, you also gain +1 critical chance against a locked target.


Scouting an area is one thing, making a good plan out of that information is another. Fortunately, you have become very good at both. If you study an area of up to 300 feet radius for 30 minutes, either through a detailed map, direct observation from a vantage point or through your drone, you grant yourself and all comrades a +1 bonus to Evasion and Stealth rolls for an encounter that occurs there within the next 3 hours. This bonus only applies to open areas and is lost indoors.

Speed of thought

Your control implants are fast, but you have learned how to push them to the edge. So what if you have to burn a few brain cells on the way? You can control a drone as a free action for a number of times per day equal to your Brains. After using up this allowance, each additional time you use this ability costs 1d4 Health.


Olympic athletes would be jealous of your speed. Your movement speed becomes 40 feet and you only lose 10 feet of speed when moving through difficult terrain due to natural causes (ice, heavy undergrowth etc.).

Scout’s best friend

Your drone could be described as overprotective. After you are attacked by a melee or ranged attack, the drone immediately fires at the attacker with a non-explosive weapon. This ability can only be used once per round.

Opportunity fire

When you see an opening, you know how to exploit it. Your attacks with a ranged, non-explosive weapon inflict an additional 1D6 damage if the target is unaware of the attack or if he has been hit by your drone’s attack in the current round.

It’s twins!

There’s no finer drone pilot on the planet. You can now control two drones simultaneously using One with the machine, using a move to issue commands to both. Only one of them can use the Scout’s best friend ability.