Capable of producing corrosive bile that it can spit to a considerable distance, this green-scaled drak prefers to let other members of its pack engage their prey in close combat and use its deadly projectiles to support them.

Level 3 drak adult
400 XP

Attributes: Muscles 3, Reflexes 6, Brains 0, Guts 4
Defences: Evasion 6 (Armor 4), Resolve 4, Toughness 3
Initiative: 11
Health: 20


  • Bite: +3 to hit (close combat). 1d4 physical damage plus 1d3 acid damage.
  • Acid bolt: +6 to hit (range 30/90). 2d6 acid damage.

The Spitrak has resistance to acid damage. Once per battle, it can use an action to release an acid cloud in a 10 feet radius around it. The cloud does 1d8 acid damage to everyone inside the affected area (the Spitrak itself is immune to this damage) and will linger for 3 round. Anyone remaining in the area will suffer additional damage at the beginning of each new round while the cloud persists.