Exotic autoloader ($19,500)

Rapid supercharged fire makes taking Goliath down so much easier.

The Slingshot has a +2 bonus to attack rolls and +2 damage. At the end of each round, you can use this weapon to fire one more shot. This shot gets +1 damage die for each time the Slingshot has been fired previously in the current round.


  1. Balanced: No penalty when attacking with two weapons.
  2. CQB: +2 attack and +2 damage when shooting at someone within 15 feet.
  3. Devastating: Each damage die that rolls 6 also adds 2 to the total damage inflicted.
  4. Fierce: Spend 1 additional ammo before an attack to fire a burst that does +1 damage die and +2 damage if it hits.
  5. Heavy: +2 damage.
  6. Incendiary: Shots inflict fire damage.