Zane’s Guide to Machine Guns

guidetomachinegunsNot enough dakka? Bring the joy of automatic fire to your Fifth Edition Games with the ultimate guide to machine guns.

  • Simple rules for handling firearms in Fifth Edition, including ammo, malfunctions, burst fire and autofire.
  • 5 basic machine gun models to get you started. Get a small and agile Submachine Gun, a support Light Machine Gun or wield the fearsome Minigun.
  • 20 magical machine guns, from uncommon guns with useful abilities all the way up to legendary automatic weapons that will shake the entire battlefield. Gain an extra team member with the Fearsome Guardian, incinerate your enemies with the Hellfire or decimate an entire charge of orc warriors with the Ferocious Claymore.
  • New feats, a new fighting style and a new martial archetype for fighters.

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