Uncommon grenade ($875)

This is not the honest, hard-working kind of miner you might have in mind.

The Miner can be thrown with a Range of 60/120 feet and doesn’t require an attack roll. Instead of doing direct damage, it releases 2 mines within 20 feet of its landing point. The mines can be placed anywhere inside this area but not within 10 feet of each other,

Mines will explode when a creature comes within 5 feet of them, rolling +5 to hit and doing 2d6x2 physical damage in a 10 feet radius. They are fairly easy to spot on a floor, but require a Perception roll versus 14 to spot in a natural environment.


  1. Carpet: Releases 3 mines nut damage is reduced to 2d4x2.
  2. Chameleon: DF 18 to spot mines in all environments.
  3. Corrosive: Mines inflict acid damage.
  4. Fiery: Mines inflict fire damage.
  5. Hi-ex: +1 damage die.
  6. Propelled: Range increased to 100/300 feet.