LOUD Mosquito

Legendary six-shooter ($31,000)

This tiny, palm-sized pistol might look like a toy but last time you shot it the recoil dislocated your shoulder. Totally worth it though!

The LOUD Mosquito has a +2 bonus to attack rolls and inflicts 3D6x2 fire damage per hit. It also has 6 explosive charges and regains one used charge per 4 hours.

Spend a charge before an attack to fire a shot that explodes in a 10 feet radius for 3D10x2 fire damage. You can spend additional charges to increase the blast’s radius by 10 feet per extra charge (e.g., spending 3 charges in total creates a 30 feet radius blast).

This weapon has enormous recoil that pushes you back 5 feet every time it is fired (10 feet if you use an explosive charge). You suffer 1d6 physical damage if you collide with an obstacle when you’re pushed back. Having Muscles 7 or higher allows you to ignore the recoil.


  1. Balanced: No penalty when attacking with two weapons.
  2. Booming: Spend an additional charge to do 3D10x3 damage with a blast.
  3. Energised: Holds 8 charges.
  4. Gentle: Only has recoil when you use an explosive charge.
  5. Stunning: Everyone taking damage from an explosive charge suffers a -2 penalty to any d20 rolls required by their next action.
  6. Ultra: Inflicts 3D8x2 damage per hit or 3D12x2 with an explosive charge, but holds one less ammo and one less charge.