Rare laser rifle ($35,000)

Not to be confused with a bank-appointed person, this rifle fires at wavelengths that can liquefy its targets. No appeals possible.

When the Liquidator scores a critical hit or when a damage die explodes, the target loses an additional 1D8 Health even if he is resistant or immune to fire damage. This effect can only occur once per shot.


  1. Brilliant: Blinds enemies on a roll of 17+. +2 DF to avoid being blinded.
  2. Heavy: +2 damage.
  3. Ionised: Spend 1 additional ammo before an attack to do electric instead of fire damage.
  4. Nasty: +1 critical chance.
  5. Precise: Range increased to 300/1,500 feet.
  6. Vicious: Roll +1 die for the weapon’s special effect.