Hornet’s Nest

Uncommon grenade ($875)

Don’t go stirĀ it up…

The Hornet’s Nest has a Range of 60/120 feet and explodes in a 20-foot radius for 2d8x2 fire damage. It will also produce 2 plasma bolts that home in on enemies of your choice within 40 feet of the blast centre. The plasma bolts attack with +5 to hit and inflict 1D10 fire damage.


  1. Hi-ex: Explodes in a 30-foot radius.
  2. Homing: Plasma bolts have +2 attack.
  3. Potent: +3 damage dice.
  4. Propelled: Range increased to 100/300 feet.
  5. Reaching: Plasma bolts can strike up to 60 feet away.
  6. Stinging: Produces 3 plasma bolts.