More than 12 feet high, the aptly named Drakzilla is one of the largest drak subspecies ever encountered. Its size is not the only thing that sets it apart from other draks; some of its scales have mutated into long, sharp spines that can impale those unlucky to get caught in a Drakzilla’s path.

Level 9 drak monstrosity (huge)
2,500 XP

Attributes: Muscles 12, Reflexes 4, Brains 0, Guts 10
Defences: Evasion 4 (Armor 8), Resolve 10, Toughness 12
Health: 125
Speed: 50 feet
Initiative: 7

Bite: +4 to hit (close combat). 3D12+6 physical damage.

The Drakzilla can attack two targets with its bite if they are standing within 5 feet of each other.

The sharp spines of the Drakzilla can impale nearby creatures when it moves. Roll Reflexes every time the Drakzilla moves and compare it to the Evasion of everyone within 5 feet of its movement path. Those hit suffer 2d8 physical damage from the spines.

Once every other round, the Drakzilla can use a move to leap up to 40 feet high and 100 feet long. It cannot use another move in the same round after it leaps, but any close combat attack it makes immediately afterwards gains +4 damage. When leaping, only creatures close to the landing area are in danger from the Drakzilla’s spines.

Once every 3 rounds, the Drakzilla can use an action to unleash a mighty howl that produces a concussion wave in a cone that is 50 feet long and 50 feet wide at its end. Roll Muscles versus the Toughness of everyone inside this area (targets can use their Armor instead, if it’s higher). Those hit suffer 2d10x2 physical damage, while everyone else takes half damage.