These dangerous draks secrete rapid-acting growth hormones when injured. It’s essential to put them down as quickly as possible before you’re faced with an enraged 200-pound mass of muscles and teeth.

Level 3 drak adult

400 XP

Attributes: Muscles 5, Reflexes 4, Brains 0, Guts 4

Defences: Evasion 4, Resolve 4, Toughness 5

Health: 24

Speed: 50 feet

Initiative: 9


Bite: +5 to hit (close combat). 2d4+2 physical damage.

If the DRakzerker has less than 12 Health at the end of a round, it will fall down and undergo a transformation that instantly replenishes all of its lost Health. The transformation process is not completed until the end of the next round, during which time the Drakzerker is unable to move or take actions. At the end of the process, the creature gains +3 Muscles and +4 Resolve. These bonuses last for 10 minutes, after which the effect of the growth hormones wears off and the creature reverts to its natural state.

A transformed DRakzerker will not regenerate Health again.