Uncommon grenade ($875)

Who said that grenades have to explode? This spherical device deploys a miniature rocket to break the speed of sound, as well as the bones of anyone it hits.

The Comet can be thrown at a range of 200/1,000 feet. Unlike other grenades, it doesn’t explode and requires an attack roll against a single target. A failed attack doesn’t do any damage but the weapon can be reused if it’s retrieved. A successful attack does 2D8x3 physical damage and renders the weapon unusable.

1. Homing: +3 attack.
2. Lightning: Inflicts electric damage.
3. Fiery: Inflicts fire damage.
4. Super: +2 damage dice.
5. Accurate: Range increased to 400/2,000 feet.
6. Boomerang: Returns to your hand after a failed attack.