Barely tolerated by other draks, a Coalbreath has evolved a natural ability to produce toxic vapours that make it a far greater danger than its size would imply. It can be easily distinguished by the sulfur-like stench that follows it everywhere.

Level 5 drak adult

900 XP

Attributes: Muscles 6, Reflexes 6, Brains 0, Guts 5

Defences: Evasion 6 (Armor 4), Resolve 5, Toughness 6

Health: 43

Speed: 50 feet

Initiative: 10


Bite: +6 to hit (close combat). 2D4+3 physical damage plus 1d4 fire damage.

The Coalbreath has resistance to fire damage.

Once every 3 rounds, the Coalbreath can use an action to exhale a cloud of scalding toxic fumes in a cone that is 20 feet long and 10 feet wide at its end. Roll Reflexes versus the Evasion of anyone in that area; those hit suffer 2d10 fire damage while everyone else takes half as much damage. In addition to this damage, everyone in the area must roll Toughness versus 18 or become disoriented by the fumes, suffering a -2 penalty to all attribute rolls and halving his movement speed for 3 rounds. Mechs and creatures that don’t need to breath are immune to this effect. Other draks have also developed immunity to the fumes.

The Coalbreath’s toxic emanation sticks to its body, creating a constant hazard to those in its vicinity. Anyone coming within 5 feet of the creature must roll Toughness versus 14 to avoid the disorienting effects described above. This roll must be repeated once per round if someone remains close to the Coalbreath.