The Apostle

The Frontier is a game with huge possibilities and lots of room for expansion. And keep expanding it I shall! Starting with the next release, the format of the new expansions will change to the The Frontier Companion, a digest-style sourcebook that will include several diverse topics on new material suchas classes, monsters and gear.The Apostle is the first article of the upcoming Frontier Companion vol. 1. This new class presents a psionic user focusing on healing and manipulating biological forces and structures. He is far from a simple healbot, as he is not only able to use his powers to heal but can also craft a wide variety of useful substances for him or his comrades to use. Have a look at this preview of the Apostle, going up to the 3rd level, and find out what he’s capable of for yourself! Continue reading “The Apostle”

Mark X Obliterator


The first raid boss of The Frontier is here!

Bring your best guns and wear your heaviest armor cause this is a foe that doesn’t fear even max-level parties! The Obliterator is the heaviest battle mech ever made with enough firepower to take on a small army by itself. If you’re looking for something to truly challenge your players, this level 15 steel titan will give them the fight of their lives.

What’s even better is that this is a completely FREE product! Go on and get it from DriveThru RPG.

Guns of the Frontier vol. 1


Enrich your campaigns with new weapons for The Frontier! This free sourcebook includes 5 new guns, each with 6 variants:

  • The Phalanx, an exotic needler that provides perimeter defence to prevent enemies from overpowering you.
  • The Punisher, a rare assault rifle that returns fire to those who dare to strike you.
  • The Wabbit, a rare grenade that bounces around and sprays deadly fire.
  • The Wildcard, a rare combat shotgun that can switch between two types of elemental damage.
  • The X-caliber, an uncommon combat magnum with a secondary barrel firing hi-explosive rounds.

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