Rare pump shotgun ($13,000)

Don’t feel too bad about freezing your enemies with this gun… the accompanying electrical charge will keep them warm.

The Blizzard inflicts cold damage. Anyone hit also suffers a penalty to his next action, as if he has been hit by an electric attack.


  1. Heavy: +2 damage.
  2. Mayhem: Damage reduced to 2D8 but attacks 2 targets with one shot if they are within 5 feet of each other.
  3. Nasty: +1 critical chance.
  4. Brutal: When an attack hits with a natural 18+, the target must roll Toughness versus 18 to avoid being pushed back 5 feet and falling prone (requiring a move to stand up again).
  5. Deadly: An attack that hits with a natural 18+ inflicts an additional 1d4 cold damage.
  6. Vicious: Critical hits inflict an additional 1d8 cold damage.