Bad Manners

Uncommon pump shotgun ($5,000)

Knocking will get you through many doors. This shotgun has been designed to get you through the rest.

The Bad Manners inflicts acid damage. Roll 2d6 when you use it to target a door or similar locked obstacle. The shot can bust open a wooden door with a roll of 4+, a metal door with a roll of 5+ and a security door with a roll of 6. Blast doors and those made from alien materials cannot be brought down by the weapon.


  1. Breaching: Roll 2d6 when attacking a door.
  2. Brutal: When an attack hits with a natural 18+, the target must roll Toughness versus 16 to avoid being pushed back 5 feet and falling prone (requiring a move to stand up again).
  3. Heavy: +2 damage.
  4. Mayhem: Damage reduced to 2D8 but attacks 2 targets with one shot if they are within 5 feet of each other.
  5. Nasty: +1 critical chance.
  6. Savage: Inflicts an additional 1d8 damage on a critical hit.