Instead of the single-layered scales usually covering a drak’s body, the Armadrak has developed overlapping chitinous plates that provide excellent protection against most attacks. Although hard, these plates are far from being invulnerable and might shatter by a strong attack or a lucky hit.

Level 5 drak adult (large)
900 XP
Attributes: Muscles 8, Reflexes 3, Brains 0, Guts 5
Defences: Evasion 3 (Armor 10), Resolve 5, Toughness 8
Health: 59
Speed: 40 feet
Initiative: 8

  • Bite: +8 to hit (close combat). 2D6+4 physical damage.

When the Armadrak suffers a critical hit or 5 or more non-psionic damage from an attack, its plating cracks and loses 1 point of armor (to a minimum of 4 armor). It will naturally regenerate 1 point of lost armor per day.
If the Armadrak’s bite attack hits with a natural 17 or higher, the target must roll Muscles versus the Armadrak’s Muscles to avoid being knocked down. The Armadrak can trample a prone opponent as a move: this is a close combat attack with a +2 attack bonus that inflicts 2D10+4 physical damage.