The Apostle

February 18, 2018

The Frontier is a game with huge possibilities and lots of room for expansion. And keep expanding it I shall! Starting with the next release, the format of the new expansions will change to the The Frontier Companion, a digest-style sourcebook that will include several diverse topics on new material suchas classes, monsters and gear.The Apostle is the first article of the upcoming Frontier Companion vol. 1. This new class presents a psionic user focusing on healing and manipulating biological forces and structures. He is far from a simple healbot, as he is not only able to use his powers to heal but can also craft a wide variety of useful substances for him or his comrades to use. Have a look at this preview of the Apostle, going up to the 3rd level, and find out what he’s capable of for yourself!Whether it’s crystals, herbs or mind-expanding meditation, the Apostle is always up to date with the latest fad promising to heal the body and nourish the mind. He is also quick to preach these revelations to anyone who will listen and, sometimes, even to those who won’t. What makes other people put up with him? Well, he is a talented psionic healer and in a world starving for medical tech his powers are a godsend. And clever people know not to anger him, as his knowledge of healing and physiology can also be used to harm.


Apostles start with 6+Muscles Health and gain an additional 3+½ Muscles at each new level.


Apostles are not trained in any armor.


Apostles are trained in grenades, light melee weapons, pistols and submachine guns. All other weapons are used with a -2 attack penalty.

Starting gear

Apostles start with the following items:

  • Needler
  • Autoloader
  • Dagger
  • Medkit
  • Exploration kit
  • 2 rations
  • 4 ammo clips
  • $100

Apostle abilities

Level 1 Psionic talent

Level 2 New powers

Level 3 Healthy living

Psionic talent

You begin your career with 3 Psi points, which are used to fuel your psionic powers. At each new level you increase your max Psi pool by 1.To use a psionic power, you must take an action and spend 1 or more Psi points; the more powerful the effect the higher the Psi cost. Any Psi spent is lost even if the power fails to produce any effect.

Expended Psi is recovered at the rate of 1 per hour.At the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th level you learn how to use several new psionic powers. This is a breakdown of your available powers by level:

Level 1 Bioshield, Health radar, Psychic chemistry, Ray of healing

Level 2 Enervation, Lifeward, Mind over matter

Healthy living

Your daily detox routine may not win any prizes for flavour, but it definitely works. You gain a +2 bonus to Toughness and your max Health increases by 3 points.

Apostle powers


Level 1 power

Spend 1 Psi to dramatically enhance your body’s natural regeneration rate, healing most new injuries mere moments after they are inflicted. Roll 2d8 when the power is used to measure its effectiveness. Any new damage you suffer will come off this pool of points before it reduces your Health. For example, if you roll 6 when you activate the power, your Bioshield will be able to absorb 6 points of damage in total; any further damage will reduce your Health.The power’s protective effect lasts for 10 minutes or until all points have been lost to damage, whichever comes first. You cannot have more than one Bioshield active at a time.

You can activate a Bioshield as a move instead of an action, but you roll ones less die (1d8 instead of 2d8).

Bioshield protects against 2d10 damage at the 4th level and 2d12 damage at the 8th level.


Level 2 power

Spend 1 Psi to target an enemy that you can see within 200 feet. If you successfully roll Guts versus Toughness, the target’s Muscles or Reflexes (your choice) is reduced by 3, to a minimum of 0, for 3 rounds. The power cannot affect a non-living target (such as a mech).

Enervation reduces the chosen attribute by 4 at the 5th level. At the 8th level, it lasts for 4 rounds.

Health radar

Level 1 power

Spend 1 Psi to become able to diagnose patients simply by looking at them. The power allows you to sense and identify disease and poison by focusing on someone within 10 feet. It cannot determine the best course of treatment, especially for rare illnesses and toxins that you haven’t encountered before, but will usually provide you with some helpful insight on how to treat the condition (if treatment is possible).The power’s acute diagnostic sense also informs you about the amount of Health points of anyone that you can see within 300 feet.

At the 3rd level you become able to use the power for more nefarious purposes. After you damage an enemy within 100 feet with a close combat or ranged attack (not an explosive weapon), you can target his weak points. Every other weapon attack you make against that enemy gains +1 damage die while the power lasts. This bonus cannot be used against mechs and other non-organic enemies.

Health radar lasts 5 minutes. This is increased to 10 minutes at the 5th level.


Level 2 power

Spend 1 Mana to summon a short-lived energy shield that can deflect most attacks. The power is used as a response to an attack that targets yourself or a comrade within 50 feet and this doesn’t cost an action. You can decide to use lifeward after the attack roll is made, but before any damage or other effects are applied. Roll Guts (with a -2 penalty against an explosive attack) to see if lifeward deflects the attack. If your roll is higher than the result of the attack roll, all damage and other effects are negated. If you roll within 3 points of the attack roll, the attack does half damage only. Any other result fails to stop the attack.

Lifeward has no effect on attacks that do not require some kind of attack roll to work. Although it doesn’t cost an action to activate, each additional use in the same round costs +1 Psi (2 Psi for the second use, 3 Psi for the third use and so on).

Mind over matter

Level 2 power

Spend 1 Mana to target either yourself or a comrade within 30 feet. The power negates the need to breath for up to 3 minutes and provide sustenance to the body, erasing all traces of hunger and thirst accumulated so far.

At the 5th level, you don’t need to breath for 5 minutes. At the 8th level you can affect an additional target within 30 feet.

Psychic chemistry

Level 1 power

This power imbues a specially prepared formulation, either a liquid or foodstuff, with psionic energy that grants special properties when it is consumed. Formulas, a list of which can be found later on, have their own preparation time, cost of raw ingredients (only the finest and purest can serve as a receptacle for psionic energy) and a cost in Psi points to be invested for the formula to work. You can only attempt to create a formula of level equal to or lower than your own level.To create a formula, you must spend the required preparation time in a single block without interruptions. The Psi points required by the formula are spent at the end of the preparation time. At this point, you have to roll Guts versus 10 + the formula’s level to check if you are successful in creating it. A failed roll means that nothing comes out of your labour and the ingredients consumed cannot be reused.

A successfully crafted formula becomes an item, taking up an inventory slot, that can be consumed as a move to gain the listed benefits. The psionic energy stored inside a formula dissipates 1d6 days after being crafted, at which point it becomes a completely mundane item without any special properties (though it still counts as a unit of rations).

At the 3rd level you can cut a formula’s preparation time to half, but you suffer a -3 penalty to the final Guts roll.At the 6th level you gain a +2 bonus to Guts rolls for crafting formulas.

Ray of healing

Level 1 power

Spend 1 Psi to restore 2d6x2 lost Health to yourself or another teammate within 50 feet. This power can only affect living creatures. You can use it as a move instead of an action, but it loses one die and heals 1d6x2 points only.

At the 3rd level, you become able to use the power in order to assist a disabled comrade. If the target is blinded, stunned or paralysed, you can choose to negate that disabling condition instead of restoring lost Health.

Ray of healing restores 2d8x2 Health at the 4th level and 2d10x2 Health at the 8th level. Its range is increased to 100 feet at the 6th level.