The Frontier Companion vol. 1 is now available

I’m happy to report that a brand-new sourcebook for the Frontier is now available at DriveThru RPG. This marks the move to a new digest-type format for most future sourcebooks, with each presenting a variety of new game material and ideas for your campaigns. Take a look at what the first volume has to offer:

The Apostle: A new psionic class focused on healing and manipulating biological forces. Just the companion you need in the dangerous wilderness of Prometheus.

Psychic formulas: Loads of recipes that the Apostle can use to craft potent cakes and shakes imbued with psionic energy.

Worms of the desert: The worm-like Skalixi are the undisputed rulers of Prometheus’ deserts. These are no mere fish-bait; each of these 6 new creatures will offer plenty of challenge to your players at various levels.

Steel titans: There’s no better armor than power armor! Protect yourself with 7 new medium and heavy strength-enhancing models, from the practical Intrepid to the domineering Warmonger.

Relics of another age: The devices left behind by the mysterious Prometheans are probably the greatest treasure once can find in the ruins scattered across the Frontier. Discover 9 Promethean artifacts, along with simple rules on how to understand and use ancient alien technology.

If you’re not sold yet, stay tuned from more previews of the material contained in this volume!

The Apostle

The Frontier is a game with huge possibilities and lots of room for expansion. And keep expanding it I shall! Starting with the next release, the format of the new expansions will change to the The Frontier Companion, a digest-style sourcebook that will include several diverse topics on new material suchas classes, monsters and gear.The Apostle is the first article of the upcoming Frontier Companion vol. 1. This new class presents a psionic user focusing on healing and manipulating biological forces and structures. He is far from a simple healbot, as he is not only able to use his powers to heal but can also craft a wide variety of useful substances for him or his comrades to use. Have a look at this preview of the Apostle, going up to the 3rd level, and find out what he’s capable of for yourself! Continue reading