Guardians of the Past

October 8, 2017


The first “monster sourcebook” for The Frontier is now available at DriveThru RPG! Guardians of the Past introduces no less than nine new creatures left behind by the Prometheans to guard their most important secrets. Guardians range from level 3 to level 9, and their advanced energy weaponry and rapid health regeneration will make them a match for even the most seasoned and well-equipped player parties.

  • The Clawshade is a close combat fighter that can turn invisible to surprise intruders.
  • The Dragonshade is an artillery unit that fires mortar-like energy blasts, as well as short-range attacks similar to a flame-thrower.
  • The Dreadshade is the first level 9 enemy to be introduced in The Frontier. Its stunning attacks and powerful negative psionic field will trouble even high-level parties.
  • The Lanceshade is a ranged unit that fires streams of plasma intense enough to penetrate several intruders.
  • The Shieldshade accompanies other guardians, supporting and protecting them.
  • The spherical Spearshade rolls over intruders, trampling and perforating them with its energy spears.
  • The Sporeshade releases poisonous spores that fly towards intruders to bring them down with toxic fumes.
  • The Swordshade is a dedicated close combat fighter wielding dual energy swords with extreme efficiency.
  • The Watchshade is equipped with highly sensitive instruments to detect intruders.

If you want to have a taste of what the guardians are capable of, you can get a free preview of the Lanceshade, Swordshade and Watchshade from DriveThru RPG.