The Juggernaut

September 4, 2017


The Juggernaut is a brand new class for The Frontier RPG, now available at DriveThru RPG. He is a close combat expert with impressive health and punishing strikes.

Take a peek at what this new class has to offer for the first three levels. Buy the sourcebook to go up to level 10, plus get some new close combat weapons to pummel your enemies with!

The Juggernaut

The Juggernaut has little use for subtlety or finesse, both in everyday life and in the battlefield. A true giant of a man, his phenomenal endurance makes sure he can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment and just keep on coming. Whereas other people might rely on assault rifles, rocket launchers or other fancy pansy stuff to protect them, the Juggernaut prefers to get up close and personal with more traditional instruments. And when he gets mad, which is more often than not, he can steamroll through an entire batallion.


Juggernauts start with 12+Muscles Health and gain an additional 6+½ Muscles Health at each new level.


Juggernauts are trained in light and medium armor.


Juggernauts are trained with grenades, all melee weapons, pistols and shotguns. All other weapons are used with a -2 attack penalty.

Starting gear

Juggernauts start with the following items:

  • Pump shotgun
  • Sword OR sledgehammer
  • Battle armor
  • Dagger
  • Medkit
  • 2 rations
  • 4 ammo clips
  • $100

Juggernaut abilities

Level 1: Now you’re mad

Level 2: Unbreakable

Level 3: Pulverise

Now you’re mad
You’ve spent a fortune on anger management classes, but still go on a rampage when people make you mad. During a battle, you can enter a rage at the beginning of any round. This provides a +2 bonus to close combat attack and damage rolls, Toughness and Guts, but inflicts a -2 penalty to ranged attack rolls. Your rage lasts for 3 rounds, but you can end it prematurely if you wish so. At the end of a rage you suffer a -1 penalty to all Muscles and Reflexes rolls for as long as you’ve raged (3 rounds of raging are followed by 3 rounds of fatigue). You need to rest for 10 minutes before you can rage again.
While on a rage, you gain 1 Adrenaline point every time you suffer damage, kill an enemy or score a critical hit. You only gain 1 point per round for each of these conditions (e.g. if you take damage twice in the same round, you will only gain 1 Adrenaline). You can spend 1 Adrenaline point to re-roll a failed Toughness, Resolve or close combat attack roll; you must keep the new result. You can also spend 1 Adrenaline to increase your speed by 10 feet for the current round. You lose all adrenaline points after you stop raging.
Look up “toughness” in the dictionary and there’s a picture of you right there. You have a +2 bonus to Toughness.
While raging, you can spend 2 Adrenaline to halve the damage you suffer from an attack. You can only do this once per attack and you don’t gain any Adrenaline from the rest of the damage you suffer.
Nobody needs guns if they have hi-explosive muscles. You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls with medium and heavy melee weapons and unarmed strikes. Additionally, your unarmed strikes do 1d3 damage.