The Gunslinger

August 16, 2017


The first sourcebook for The Frontier RPG is now available at DriveThru RPG. The Gunslinger presents a complete new class based around fast combat with guns akimbo. Who said you needed a rocket launcher to dominate the battlefield?

Take a peek at what this new class has to offer for the first three levels. Buy the sourcebook to go up to level 10, plus get an extensive collection of new pistol weapons to play with!

The Gunslinger

Give the Gunslinger a knife and he can slice some bread. Give him a sword and he’ll probably lop off his own hand. But if you give him a couple of pistols, you can just sit back and watch the body count rise.


Gunslingers start with 8+Muscles Health and gain an additional 4+½ Muscles Health at each new level.


Gunslingers are trained in light armor only.


Gunslingers are trained with grenades, light melee weapons, pistols, shotguns and submachine guns. All other weapons are used with a -2 attack penalty.

Starting gear

Gunslingers start with the following items:

Autoloader OR six-shooter OR combat magnum
Autoloader OR six-shooter OR machine pistol
Recon armor
2 rations
4 ammo clips

Gunslinger abilities

Level 1 Grit, Hotshot
Level 2 Both guns blazing
Level 3 Pistolero


You have 3 points of Grit, which you can spend to use the various tricks and techniques you learn during your career as a Gunslinger, and you gain an additional point at each even-numbered level you attain (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th). You also gain +1 Grit if your Guts is 6 or higher, or +2 Grit with Guts 9 or higher.

You can use your various Grit-powered abilities as often as you like, provided that you have enough Grit to spend. If you run out of Grit, you can still try to use such an ability by rolling Guts versus 12 + 2 per point of Grit normally required (an ability costing 3 Grit would be DF 18). Should you fail the roll, you lose your next action (the attack you were attempting in the case of most abilities, or your next available action if you tried to use Bloody vengeance or Faster than your shadow).

You start each battle with at least half of your max Grit available, even if you have used your points in previous encounters. If you usually have 8 Grit max, you will start each battle with a minimum of 4 Grit available to spend. You also recover one used point whenever you score a critical hit or kill an enemy with a one-handed non-explosive ranged weapon (you will still get only one point if your attack is a critical hit that also kills the enemy). All used points are recovered after an 8-hour rest.


Being the fastest gun on Prometheus doesn’t mean much if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Spend 1 Grit before an attack with a one-handed non-explosive ranged weapon to gain a +2 bonus to the attack roll and +1 damage die if the attack hits. You can spend an additional point to use this ability with a two-handed weapon.

At the 4th level you can choose to gain +1 critical chance instead of rolling an additional damage die; you must decide before making the attack roll.

Both guns blazing

You have mastered the extremely cool and not at all impractical style of firing a gun with each hand. The penalty for attacking with two ranged weapons is reduced by 2. When both weapons successfully hit with a natural 15 or higher, you can spend 1 Grit to immediately attack with one of them again.


You have trained extensively in the use of pistols, turning such light firearms into instruments of death and destruction. You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls with pistols. At the 5th level, you also roll +1 damage die with pistols. At the 8th level, your pistol attacks also gain +1 critical chance.