Protection meets firepower


I am happy to report that progress on The Frontier has been very fruitful and the game is currently in the bugs and spelling errors hunting phase. If everything goes well, it should be ready to go to layout next week and then hopefully released in early August. In the meantime, I thought you would enjoy a preview of one of the many special items you can find during your adventures in The Frontier.

I give you the Blaster, a medium armor that combines good protection with explosive firepower, thanks to its shoulder-mounted cannon. Note that this is a rare armor, which is right in the middle of the item rarity scale (common-uncommon-rare-exotic-legendary) and ask yourself: if a rare armor has a built-in cannon, how much more awesome can exotic and legendary armor be? The answer is a lot, but you will have to wait till the game is released to find out for yourself!

This entry can also give you an idea about how The Frontier’s loot system works. Loot and material rewards are a big part of the game, just like they are for Diablo and Borderlands. There’s a wide selection of different weapons and armor, each one color-coded according to its rarity. Every item has a number of variant models, which can be randomly determined with a d6 roll, so you can get up to 6 different versions of each item with slightly different abilities. More than enough to keep you guessing every time you find a new loot stash or scavenge the battlefield.


Rare battle armor ($25,000)

If you love to stick out from the crowd, what better way to accomplish that than wearing battle armor with a freaking shoulder-mounted cannon? Guaranteed to make everybody on the other side think you’re definitely the guy to shoot first.

Never unarmed: Use an action to fire the built-in cannon up to 300 feet away. You are always considered to be trained with the cannon and a shot explodes in a 10-foot radius for 2D6x3 fire damage. Each shot consumes an ammo clip from your inventory.


1. Asbestos: Resistance to fire damage.

2. Blastproof: +2 protection against explosive weapons.

3. Composite: No penalty to Athletics and Stealth rolls.

4. Hardened: +1 protection.

5. Insulated: Resistance to cold damage.

6. Master: +1 damage die for cannon shots.

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