Welcome to Prometheus

The Frontier is a true standalone game, including a complete setting that you can use for your campaigns. For those of you who like to create your own settings, rest assured that it is not intricately woven with the rest of the game and can be ignored and replaced very easily.

If you decide to use the setting provided with the game, you’ll be interested to know that it takes place a few centuries in the future on a planet somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy, called Prometheus. Prometheus was discovered by mankind after they found an ancient jumpgate left by a forgotten alien civilisation at the outskirts of the solar system. The planet, offering a breathable atmosphere and Earth-like conditions, was quickly colonised. Unfortunately, humans being humans, messing with the jumpgate through ill-conceived experimentation led to it being forcefully shut in a catastrophic event know as the Collapse.

With many of the factories and installations destroyed by the Collapse, and access to Earth and its resources lost, the colonists have been stranded on an alien world. Ten years on, most hi-tech is scarce and a lot of the countryside has fallen into a state of lawlessness. Gangs of bandits prey on weaker people, while the remnants of the former colonial government have turned into a fascist regime seeking only to secure their power and influence. Dangerous wildlife adds to the threats faced by the hapless colonists.

This is a tough world to survive, but also one full of opportunities for adventure. There are bandits to drive away from peaceful settlements, monstrous creatures to fight and ancient alien ruins to explore and unlock their secrets. You might get shot to death, clawed to death or burned to death, but at least you won’t get bored to death!

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