Zane’s Guide to Rifles released

February 26, 2016

“Bolt actions are louder than words.”

The second instalment to the Mortars & Miniguns series is the perfect way to introduce rifles to your Fifth Edition games. From accurate bolt-action sniper rifles to autofire-capable assault rifles, the Guide to Rifles has something for every taste.

  • Simple rules for handling firearms in Fifth Edition, including ammo, malfunctions, burst fire and autofire.
  • 5 basic rifle models to get you started. Get an Assault rifle, a fearsome Battle rifle or the mighty Fifty-Cal.
  • 20 magical rifles, from uncommon guns with useful abilities all the way up to legendary rifles that will shake the entire battlefield. Dissolve your enemies with the Painful Odyssey. Hunt them down with the Pack Hunter. Dominate the battlefield with the Zeta Fantastic Mark One.
  • A new feat, a new fighting style and a new archetype for sniper rangers.

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